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Product Description

The SmartAct®-1 electric actuator was conceived, designed, prototyped, and is being manufactured in Britain.

A RIFT DRIVEN® product contains the RIFT technology that will transform motor driven systems in the future. They show weight and energy savings of over 75% compared to traditional motor driven systems.
In actuator comparison tests the SACO valve actuator is in fact over 90% more energy efficient than the market leading electric actuators it was compared with.

At a time where energy consumption is becoming increasingly important to the world, the SmartAct®-1 actuator takes full advantage of the dramatic reduction in energy that the RIFT DRIVEN® system provides. This creates an electric actuator with the lowest energy usage figures available in the world market.

Standard Configuration


Additional Specification 

Failsafe BUY

4-20mA or 0-10 V BUY

Failsafe & Modulating BUY

Multiturn BUY

Speed Control BUY

Torque Restricting BUY

Off Grid Facility BUY

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Additional Information

Pick Size Newton-Meters

100NM, 40NM, 60NM, 80NM


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