About Us

Zipson Valves UK is the UK’s leading distributor of industrial ball valves and actuators, Zipson Steel Industrial CO.Limited is a leading manufacturer of steel products, specialising in industrial and sanitary ball valves and investment casting, such as SS ball valve, 3/4/5-way ball valve, special alloy ball valve, high temperature ball valve,high pressure ball valve and special alloy casting (Hastelloy C, Monel, Alloy 20).

Founded in 1987, initially we are a foundry of sand and investment (lost wax process) casting. Later we upgraded our technologies and extended the production process of machining and assembly providing finished products to worldwide market especially in USA and Europe.


We have now, with our distributor agreement Zipson Valves UK Limited, opened up the supply chain to the United Kingdom with extensive stocks of our high quality products.

Just some of the range of valves we supply.

different sized valves

For more information on Zipson and our partners take a look at www.zipsonvalves.tw



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